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Tree Contract Services/Licenses


*The list of Tree Contractors is for informational purposes only.
Deephaven is not responsible for and does not endorse any of the Tree Contractors listed on this site. 

Tree Contractors may, at any time throughout the year, obtain a tree contractors license from the City by completing a license application and providing a certificate of insurance.  You may contact a tree contractor of your choice.  If they are not currently licensed in the City, they must obtain a license with the City prior to beginning any work. This list will be updated periodically.

The City requires tree contractors to be licensed, insured and in possession of a city issued permit to do work in Deephaven. 

These requirements are intended for your protection.  Accidents can and do happen during tree removal or trimming.  Trees can fall on your house, your neighbor's property or in the the street while people or cars are passing by.  Suddenly, a simple tree-trimming project can become a legal headache.

Prior to hiring a contractor to perform work on your property, please check our list of licensed tree contractors to ensure that the contractor you have selected is properly licensed to perform work in the City of Deephaven.

Please call the City with any questions. 








































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