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Cottagewood Garden Club

Cottagewood Garden Club


                                                 Proudly serving the Deephaven area since 1995

For more information please visit the Garden Club’s website:

The Cottagewood Garden Club is a volunteer organization for women in the Lake Minnetonka area. Its mission is to promote and share the beauty of nature through gardening.

The Garden Club plants and tends to several community gardens including the gardens surrounding Village Hall, the butterfly and wheel garden at Thorpe Park, and the Connie Getsch Memorial Garden near Deephaven Elementary.

The Garden Club is grateful for the support it receives from the City of Deephaven. In addition to an annual budget for plant material, city staff ensures that our gardens are watered and fed throughout the growing season. The City also provides a place for club members to meet on a monthly basis.

The Garden Club meets on the second Thursday of every month from February through December to listen to speakers, tour local gardens, and socialize.

Our annual planting day occurs on a Saturday morning in mid-May. Teams are dispatched throughout the summer for weeding and general maintenance to make sure our gardens prosper through fall.

The Garden Club includes 50 active members and up to 20 affiliate members who are former active members but are not held to all standards of participation and attendance. The Club is led by an Executive Committee and is supported by sub-committees responsible for planning the monthly programs, designing the gardens, scheduling the maintenance teams, providing hospitality, and planning for community outreach.

Please contact Deephaven City Hall to be referred to our membership coordinator if you or someone you know would like to join the Cottagewood Garden Club. New members must be sponsored by a current active member. New members are voted in at the Annual Business Meeting in October and welcomed into the club at the Holiday Social in December.



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