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Special Events Parking Permit

Are you, your family or an organization you belong to planning to hold a special event in the City of Deephaven?

Are you planning to hold your event on city streets, public property or on private property where the event could have an impact on public safety, parking or on other services?

If your plans include a large event that includes parking beyond what would regularly be provided to a residential property, please call Police Chief Cory Johnson at 952-474-7555 or City Administrator Dana Young at 952-358-9939 to discuss your special event in more detail as you may need to obtain a Special Event Permit. 

The purpose of a Special Event Permit is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of all residents and visitors of the City by ensuring that special events do not create disturbances, become nuisances, menace or threaten life, health and property, disrupt traffic or threaten or damage private or public property. 

Please click on the link below to view the Special Event Permit Application.

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