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Trash and Recycling
Deephaven has contracted with Waste Management to provide garbage and recycling pickup to all residential households. By contracting with just one waste hauler, the City is able to establish a number of important benefits including the same day pickup of recyclables, uniform collection days and less wear and tear on city streets.

Pickup Day and Time

When you call to set up service (Customer Service: 9528901100), Waste Management will inform you of your day and time of pickup. Both garbage and recyclables must be available for pickup no later than 7:00 a.m. You can also visit their website for more information at

Deephaven City Ordinances require all residential households to recycle. Beyond this, it just makes good sense as recycling helps the environment and keeps garbage bills low. Waste Management is contracted to pick up your recyclables the same day as your garbage pickup.

You can view the Recycling Calendar here: 2018_Even_(Gold)_Week_Calendar - Deephaven is the "Gold Week".

Donation Opportunities
Do you have items that you would like to donate? Click on the following link to find places to donate.
Recycling - Donation_Opportunities

Drop Off Facilities
If you have items that you don't want but don't know where to go? Click on the following link to find Hennepin County drop off facility locations.

Hazardous Waste Disposal
Click on the following link to view a list of hazardous waste disposal companies.

Needles and Sharps Recycling
Please click on the link below to view tips on safe needle and sharps disposal. Drop off locations are included in the document. 

Are you Looking for a Place to Donate Items? Below are three contacts for you to consider:  

Salvation Army: Michel Wong at 612-332-5855

Goodwill: Hung Vo at 651-379-5942

Arc Value Village: Greg at 952-915-3684

Miscellaneous Refuse and Recycling Information

If you have special items that you want to get rid of such as old television sets,mattresses, etc., simply contact Waste Management at 9528901100 to set up the disposal of this item. They will let you know the cost of disposing of the item and will include the charge on your monthly bill.

The City of Deephaven has a three-year contract with Waste Management to provide refuse & recycling pick-up to all residential homes. For Customer Service questions, please call Waste Management at 952-890-1100.

Refuse & Recycling Rates







32-Gallon Cart






64-Gallon Cart






96-Gallon Cart






Recycling Service






 Extra Can






Yard Waste






Choose to Reuse Coupon Books - Available NOW at City Hall!
Choosing to reuse is a great way to get good deals on quality items while supporting local businesses and protecting the environment. Hennepin County has partnered with 50 reuse retailers to offer Choose to Reuse coupons with discounts August through October. Click on the following link for more information!

Choose_to Reuse!

Remembering to recycle everything from every room in your house can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re just trying to get the laundry done or get ready for work. About half of home recyclables never make it to the recycling bin. We do well recycling kitchen items, but our bathrooms, laundry rooms and home offices have lots of recyclables we throw out. Expand your recycling habit by using convenient recycling bins and signage and mix in a little education and fun. Recycle everywhere in your home with the tips and tricks found on the following link:




 Load Limits are in effect from March 1 to May 1.

  • From March 1 to May 1 – Vine Hill Road and Minnetonka Blvd are 6 ton and all other roads are 4 ton.
  • Andover Place, Old Kent Road, and St. James Gate are 7 ton year round.
  • Cottagewood Road from Vine Hill Road to Minnetonka Blvd is 4 ton year round.
  • The rest of the year all other roads are 9 ton.
  • The City strongly enforces weight restrictions to prevent damage to streets. 
  • Residents are responsible for informing their service providers of the weight restrictions in their area.  This is especially important when contracting with moving vans, delivery trucks or construction vehicles.
  • Most damage to roads occurs during the spring months, as the frost leaves the ground.  The only vehicles excluded from this requirement are school buses, garbage trucks and emergency vehicles.
  • All roads leading to neighborhoods are posted with the allowable axle weight rating.  

 For questions regarding these restrictions, contact City Hall at 952-474-4755.



This page addresses Parking Permits for Deephaven beaches and launches in addition to Special Event Parking Permits.

Beach and Launch Parking Permits

Permit parking is required at a majority of Deephaven city beaches & the Carson’s Bay boat launch from May 1st to October 1st.  Deephaven residents are sent two parking permits in early Spring that will allow you to park in all areas posted “Parking by Permit Only” throughout the cityPlease note that this does not allow you to park in “No Parking” areas.

Permit Placement
Please remove all expired permits and carefully peel the permit from the backing paper and place it on the outside window on the driver’s side of the vehicle as far to the rear as possible (i.e. the back seat side window).

If you rent in Deephaven, you must apply for a permit at City Hall with two forms of ID demonstrating that you are a resident of Deephaven.

Illegal to Sell, Assign or Transfer a Permit
Vehicles parked in permit zones are randomly checked by the police to ensure that the registration of the vehicle license number matches with the parking permit number on the car.  If the permit is displayed on a vehicle which is registered to someone other than to whom the permit was issued, the vehicle is subject to be tagged and towed.

Request for Additional Permits
There is no cost for your first two parking permits.  However, if you need more than two permits, the cost is $10 for each additional permit for residents.

Prices for non-residents for 2016 is $60 for a beach permit and $120 for a boat launch permit. There are no discounts for additional permits.


Are you, your family or an organization you belong to planning to hold a special event in the City of Deephaven that is planned to be held on city streets, public property or on private property when the event could have an impact upon public safety, parking or on other services that exceeds those regularly provided to that property? Please call Police Chief Cory Johnson at 952-474-7555 or City Administrator Dana Young at 952-358-9939 to discuss your special event in more detail as you may need to obtain a Special Event Permit.  The purpose of a Special Event Permit is to promote the health, safety and welfare of all residents and visitors of the City by ensuring that special events do not create disturbances, become nuisances, menace or threaten life, health and property, disrupt traffic or threaten or damage private or public property. 



Coyotes can be found everywhere in Minnesota and populations continue to increase in our area. According to the MN Department of Natural Resources, coyotes have become as common in some areas of our urban landscape as deer, fox or wild turkeys.

Coyotes typically avoid people and no attacks on humans have ever been reported in Minnesota. And while the sighting of coyotes has become increasingly common, Deephaven Police Chief Cory Johnson has reports of coyote sightings that date back over ten-years here in Deephaven. Coyotes are generally timid and frightened when confronted by people. Hazing coyotes has been an effective method in addressing or preventing coyote / human encounters.


Get educated about coyotes:

 Engage in coyote hazing methods:

  • NEVER run away from a coyote!

  • Yell and wave your arms when approached by a coyote.

  • Use noisemakers (e.g. voice, whistles, bells).

  • Throw things (e.g. sticks, rocks, balls)

  • Use other repellents (e.g. water hose, pepper spray, walking sticks? 

  1. Stop feeding pets or wildlife in your yard (birdfeeders are okay). 

  2. Supervise your children when outside. 

  3. Do not let your pets run loose. 

  4. Secure all garbage containers and compost.  

  5. Report aggressive coyote behavior immediately to the Deephaven Police Department (call 911).


As the old Roadrunner cartoons suggest, coyotes are very “wily” and are very difficult to trap or shoot. The majority of animal wildlife management companies do not even provide coyote control services because they are such difficult prey. Coyotes also adapt to the loss of individuals in their families by over-reproducing to replace those that are lost.

On the positive side, coyotes play an important role by helping control other wild animals frequently found in Deephaven such as rodents, raccoons, and Canada geese. Our Police Department use to have to put down approximately 30 diseased raccoons each year. Now, with the emergence of the coyotes, the number of diseased raccoons has decreased to around 3 or 3 each year.


The Deephaven Police Department serves as our Animal Control Officers. If you see a coyote, call the Deephaven Police Department at 952-474-7555. If you observe a coyote acting odd in any way, call 911 and the Police will respond immediately.



Solicitors, peddlers and canvassers are allowed in Deephaven.  For-profit sale of products or services requires a license from the city.  Only licensed peddlers and solicitors will have a permit ID issued by the Deephaven Police Department.  The city does not endorse any specific product or service by the issuing of this license.

Charitable organizations conducting door-to-door sales or solicitations do not need a license.

Every resident and business has the right to prohibit peddlers and solicitors from their property.  If you post a sign on your home or business that prohibits solicitors, they are not permitted to approach your property or contact City Hall and your name and address will be included on the Do Not Solicit List.

If you have a complaint about a door-to-door salesperson or solicitors, immediately contact the Deephaven Police Department at 952-474-7555.


The City of Deephaven provides many boating opportunities for its residents.  Two public launches are available at Carson’s Bay and St. Louis Bay.  The Carson’s Bay Launch is open year round.  The St. Louis Bay Launch, due to its proximity to Deephaven Beach, closes during the swimming season from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The City also provides 94 dock slips, 15 shore spaces, 53 buoys, 79 B2 slides, 20 B1 slides, 8 street slides and 32 canoe racks for city residents.  These facilities are located at Carson’s Bay and St. Louis Bay, with the 8 street slides located in Cottagewood.

These facilities are available to residents subject to their placement on a waiting list for each type of amenity.  Please contact Deborah Hicks at City Hall for more information at 952-474-4755.

Additional information may be found on the "Boating and Marinas" tab on the left side of your screen.



Are you traveling or planning on being out of town and want the Police Department to check on your home.  Complete the form (located below) and mail, fax (952-474-4564) or email ( - Chief Johnson) to the Police Department.

PLEASE NOTE: House checks will not begin until a signed form is received by the Police Department. The form need only be signed once. The signed form will be kept on file at the Police Department. Subsequent house check requests will not require another signed form. 


Spring Cleanup Day, 2017 - Saturday, May 13th 
Mark your calendar for this annual event.  More detailed information is being sent to all residential homes with your permit parking sticker.  If you rent a home, contact City Hall to obtain a flyer.  

  • Curbside yard, shrub, compost, and tree waste pickup service will be held at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 13th.
  • Many disposable items can be dropped off at City Hall on Saturday, May 13th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Fees will be charged depending on the item.  
  • Major curbside electronics and appliance pickup service will be held on Monday, May 15, 2017.  Call JR’s at 651-454-9215 NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, APRIL 27 for cost and pickup information.

2017 Leaf and Yard Waste Collection – Saturday, November 11th
Autumn leaf and yard waste pick-up for our residents is Saturday, November 11th.  This is for curbside pick-ups only and will begin at 7:00 a.m.  Please do not drop off any yard waste at City Hall! 

Please observe these requirements: 

  • Brush must be cut and bundled with string; branches cannot exceed four feet in length and four inches in diameter.
  • Leaves and yard waste must be bagged in compostable bags.
  • Bundles and bags cannot exceed 40 pounds.
  • Please do not rake leaves into the street. 



Due to a number of complaints regarding the frequency, intensity and duration of recreational fires, the City Council adopted an ordinance that only permits recreational fires under the following conditions: 

  1. A recreational fire shall have a total area of three (3) feet or less in diameter and three (3) or less in height.
  2. Recreational fires shall be contained within a fire ring, pit, container or device designed for such use.
  3. The area within a five (5) foot radius of the recreational fire shall be reasonably clear of all combustibles.
  4. Recreational fires shall not be conducted within twenty-five (25) feet of a neighboring dwelling or garage.
  5. The fire shall be under the immediate supervision of the resident or his/her authorized adult representative.
  6. Buckets, shovels, garden hose or a fire extinguisher shall be readily available for use at recreational fires.
  7. The prevailing wind at the time of the recreational fire shall be away from nearby residences and must be less than 15 mph.
  8. No flammable or combustible liquids shall be used to kindle or rekindle a recreational fire.
  9. Demolition debris, industrial solid waste, hazardous materials, oil, rubber, plastic, railroad ties, shingles, tarpaper, insulation, composition boards, sheetrock, wiring, painted materials or paint filters, garbage, chemically treated wood or other materials that would give off a toxic smoke irritant to nearby residents are prohibited material.  Only clean material can be burned as part of a recreational fire.
  10. The hours that recreational fires shall be extinguished are between 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  11. Fires must be fully extinguished when unattended.
  12. Recreational fires can be cancelled or terminated at the discretion of the Police Department if a complaint has been received from a nearby resident concerning the smoke, irritants or a medical condition that is aggravated by the residential fire.
  13. No brush, tree limbs under two inches in diameter, leaves, grass, compost, or other yard waste shall be burned.  No rubbish can be burned at any time.
  14. Recreational fires are prohibited when the fire danger level is at or above VERY HIGH.  Current fire danger levels can be found at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website at  

If you have any questions regarding any of these provisions, please call the Deephaven Police Department at (952) 474-7555. 


Construction and maintenance equipment noise is permitted between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.  Maintenance equipment shall include, but not be limited to lawn mowers, chain saws, leaf blower and other similar types of equipment.  Equipment used for the removal of snow and generators used during power outages and other emergencies are not limited by the hours given above.



Polling Locations

Precinct 1:  Deephaven City Hall – 20225 Cottagewood Road

Precinct 2:  St. Therese Community Room – 18323 Minnetonka Blvd

To find a map to your polling place, please click here:


The City of Deephaven is part of an eleven city Joint Powers Organization called the Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission (LMCC) that was established to administer and enforce a single non-exclusive cable communications franchise with Mediacom, televises and broadcasts Deephaven City Council meetings, and provides public access programming.  Any complaints regarding your cable tv service should be directed to the LMCC at 952-471-7125.  

Mediacom Customer Service: 800-332-0245 (cable & internet)        
Direct TV:


Frontier Communications: internet, home phone, and television packages :


Your annual tax statement is prepared and mailed each spring by Hennepin County. If you are responsible for paying your own property tax (for example, you do not escrow with your mortgage company), this statement will include payment coupons for the first half due May 15, and the second half due October 15 of each year.

This tax statement will also provide you with the information necessary to complete the Minnesota Property Tax Refund, if eligible. This refund is prepared and filed separately from your income tax return, and currently has a filing deadline of August 15.

Property tax and property information is also available by:

  • Internet: You can print out a copy of your statement when it becomes available as well as pay your taxes on-line at (click on Residents and find links to property tax and property information.
  • Call: You can call Hennepin County Property Tax at 612.348.3011.
  • Write:
    Hennepin County Treasurer
    Hennepin County Government Center
    300 S 6th St
    Minneapolis MN 55487

Miscellaneous Homestead Applications 


City Ordinance No. 705.03 prohibits the operation of snowmobiles and ATVs under any of the following circumstances: 

  • On a sidewalk or walkway used for pedestrian traffic;
  • On private property without permission of the property owner; 
  • On any public land including school grounds, parks, and beaches except for areas authorized for such use;
  • Between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., except to travel to or from a final destination without delay; and
  • On any street except when traveling to or from an approved area by the shortest legal route.


On August 29, 2000, the cities of Deephaven, Greenwood, Tonka Bay, Excelsior and Shorewood entered into a Joint Powers Agreement to establish the Excelsior Fire District (EFD).  The EFD consists of Fire Chief Scott Gerber, Fire Inspector Kellie Murphy-Ringate, and 46 Firefighters that are located at either the Shorewood Station No. 1 (24100 Smithtown Road) and Deephaven Station No. 2 (20225 Cottagewood Road).  These two stations were built in 2003 at a combined cost of $7,120,000 and include the most advanced fire and medical response vehicles and equipment.

Please visit the EFD at


Wheels for Wishes

Wheels for Wishes is an organization that benefits local kids! They tow away, auction off, or recycle old cars free of charge and proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Minnesota.

Visit the following link to find out more!

Vehicles for Veterans

Vehicles for Veterans is an organization that benefits our veterans. Please click on the following link to view information about this organization:

There are no costs related to your donation.

They have free pick-up, running or not.

They take care of all paperwork.

They issue you with an IRS tax receipt for your records.

They pick up your donation when it's most convenient.

They take cars, boats, RVs, Campers and ATV’s


Waste Management will collect all real Christmas trees in December and in January.  The pickup will be on your normal collection day and is being provided at no additional charge.  Trees collected as part of this program will be chipped and used for compost.  Please note that wreaths and flocked or artificial trees cannot be composted.  These items should be set out with your regular garbage.

To ensure your tree is collected and composted, please:

  • Remove all decorations and wire;
  • Do NOT wrap the tree in a plastic bag; and
  • Place the tree at the end of your driveway by 7:00 a.m. the day of your garbage collection.  Trees set out too early may get buried from passing snowplows, making it very difficult to free the tree from the snow.


Emergency - 911
Non-emergency - 952-474-4755

Natural Gas 
CenterPoint Energy - 612-372-4727
Emergency - 24 hours - 612-372-5050

Xcel Energy - 800-895-4999
Emergency - 24 hours - 800-895-1999

Garbage and Recycling
Waste Management - 952-890-1100

Minnetonka High School - 952-401-5004
Deephaven Elementary - 952-401-6900
St. Therese - 952-473-4355
Grace - 952-473-6117

Cable TV/Internet
Mediacom - 800-332-0245

Before You Dig
Gopher State One Call - 652-454-0002

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